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"Vision without action is a daydream. Action with without vision is a nightmare.” - Japanese proverb

Every organization sooner or later faces a decision point: to implement Agile or not.

When your group is at this point you will want someone at your side with experience, someone who can guide you past the pitfalls and into a better place. Allison Agile can be that someone for you. Our people are among the best and brightest in the Agile field, and in every case they have implemented Agile across companies that span the spectrum of size, structure and purpose. They will bring that expertise, that practical knowledge, into your shop and to your people.

When our implmentation team comes onto your site they will initially determine where you are in your implementation path. Along with that determination, they will perform a few key assessments to find out which parts of the implementation are going well and which parts, if any, might need a little extra attention. This info, coupled with a thorough understanding of the goals your group is trying to achieve will help our team work with your team to determine the best plan for moving forward.


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Lee is an experienced Agilist and IT professional who loves the people-centric nature of Agile practices. He and his awesome family live in Austin, TX where they watch the Cowboys, brew beer, laugh and wish the weather weren't so damn hot!