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"It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge." - Albert Einstein

First things first, at Aliison Agile we teach, not train. Why? Well, the two words have different meanings. Trainers show you how to perform a new task or skill. They are very precise in what knowledge they transfer and its almost always a job-related thing. Teachers, on the other hand, impact your life. The things they teach reach beyond a mere job talent and impact you far beyond the normal 9-to-5. But, you ask, aren't you training us to perform Agile? Of course, skillsets and knowledge transfer are what we do. But to do Agile well we need to address the whole person, not just that portion of them that's in the office 8 hours a day.

Why is this important? Because Agile calls on the better nature of your team. In order to work it calls into play all aspects of the people you've chosen to bring into your organization. If you approach Agile 'training' as merely another skillset transfer then you are missing 2/3's of what your people could potentially bring to the game.

With that approach Allison Agile teaching staff are among the best in reaching those hard-to-reach parts of your employees and engaging the whole person in the discussion of how to do Agile.


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Lee Allison
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Lee is an experienced Agilist and IT professional who loves the people-centric nature of Agile practices. He and his awesome family live in Austin, TX where they watch the Cowboys, brew beer, laugh and wish the weather weren't so damn hot!